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May 27, 2012
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This is a very visual journal so if you have 'problems' looking at awesome and cool things - don't stay long on my page :lmao:
Lets start with some artists and their galleries before showing of the rest of fractal goodies :eyes:

opening by jost1

Long Forgotten by zy0rgGlasshouse by zy0rgFloria by zy0rg
Apocalypse by zy0rg

CopperCloisters by MarkJayBeeThe Drowned World by MarkJayBeeConcavities II by MarkJayBee
Strangelove's Legacy by MarkJayBee

Fairy Pearls Under the Ocean by C-91Wireless by C-91Walk Away by C-91
Prepare Yourself for the Fall by C-91

Delusion Confusion by HalTennyBig Ears by HalTennyPressure Cooker by HalTenny
Cave of Trees by HalTenny

As you can see mandelbulb artists are really 'rocking' the scene the number of the formulas grew - I would say 10-times fold and it's giving more options for getting ultimate awesomesauce designs.
There is so many great images I hope I can all fit them in here :lmao:
Ready for more of the outstanding visuals - grab a drink and have a look :beer:

Metamorphic by sjdebdaly

Fairytales and Fiddlehead Ferns by FarDareisMaiSynthetic Origins by jimmytc25degustation by chpGreen Marble Arcs by halakimokThrough Ice by FractalEuphoriaSlipping by SuicideBySafetyPin
Hitchcock's The Birds by FRATMEXTransmogrified by beaudeeleyLost and found by bib993Plastica by Jimpan1973
interconnected by sewer-pancakeThe chasm by FractalDesireMutter by mutequackyAutumn's Melody by carlx

Branched by ClaireJones

Roiling by FarDareisMaiUnen by DoubleLayerWheels and Tracks by 12GOKoan by OutsideFate
Entry by KoAltaiTeMaungaBots In The Andoan Desert by GypsyHMB-gh02 by GypsyHHaywire by Zyndara
B+W by psion005Familia de la Tierra by FractalEyesProtection by lindelokseIntroversion by heavenriverLens by FarDareisMai
Aztech City - after the Rain by MANDELWERKMetalballs high DE by bib993Long Misty Days by Len1Common Ground by Len1

Lucascape by bib993
Visual delights in fractals ;) - enjoy !!!
LUPEET!!! congrats buddy... ^ ^ V
C-91 May 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome feature! :headbang:
Thank you so much!!! :hug:
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