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Inspiration Station is a joined community effort - started up by our new fractal gallery volunteer Light SuicideBySafetyPin
It features artists, who made an impact on the Fractal community, either via inspiration of artworks or selfless attitude of helping
others & coding programs we all enjoy and use. I would like to introduce the featured artists by using quotes from published journals.
So far we have Inspiration Station 'flash mob' journals for four first artists and they were warmly welcome by many viewers :)

:iconxyrus-02:  Xyrus02

Fiery-Fire says "What can I say about Xyrus-02 ;) he is pure awesome fractal-kraut magic :lmao:
and he did 'mutated me' into an apo proper user (yes, yes mutate window is bad I know that Georg). I have known Xyrus since
my first week on devart, and there isn't a better person around to introduce you to apophysis and help you out with multitude
of questions."

SuicideBySafetyPin says "Georg is truly one of the nicest people i have encountered on dA....he is an amazing artist, he makes awesome
plugins for apophysis.....not to mention all the other "toys" he provides people who make fractals....and he is one of the best friends i have ever had!
thanks Georg for all you do for dA and the fractal community!!!!!!!"

lindelokse says "I was so happy when I heard the first artist to be featured in Inspiration Station was Xyrus-02!!!
Georg deserves so much appreciation, gratitude and love from all of us! And not only because he inspires us with his incredible artworks"

Summon the Wolves by Xyrus-02Cloverfield by Xyrus-02Syd by Xyrus-02Tomahna by Xyrus-02Flow by Xyrus-02
Breach by Xyrus-02What happens with faith by Xyrus-02Die Weide und der Fluss by Xyrus-02Hyperdisk by Xyrus-02Hollow Man by Xyrus-02
falloff2 by Xyrus-02dc_image3 by Xyrus-02:thumb208105961:Folding the fabric of space by Xyrus-02Curl Canyon by Xyrus-02From the Netherworld by Xyrus-02

Neptunian Nightsky by Xyrus-02

:iconzueuk:   Zueuk

MichaelFaber says "First off, lets go back to 2005. That was a time when very little was known about Apophysis. I was a noob.
There were no plugins, Xaos, 3D, or post transforms. We had less than 30 variations to work with. Most people made flames by clicking buttons in
the mutation window. When I asked Apophysis veterans in the art community how the Transform Editor worked I didn't get much of an answer.
Apophysis was just gaining use as a stand alone program. Earlier Apophysis was used to make shapes to be imported into Ultra Fractal, or used
to seed the Electric Sheep project.
When I found Zueuk 's art in late 2005 or early 2006, I saw my first flames that left nothing to chance. Everything was designed by understanding
how things work. When everyone else was just pushing buttons, here is what Peter was making tiles.
He started a tiling craze. Everyone wanted to tile. Talk about inspiration!
He was not only innovative, but he showed a real quality of his art that had never been displayed in flame fractals before. Peter was the first in the trend
to make Apophysis fractals a credible art form. The next major innovation was when Apophysis went 3D. And all along the way, Peter has made art that
is fun and original. And well named!
You are my greatest inspiration for my art. You are the father of 'modern' flame fractals. You have directly affected every flame fractalist with your
innovations to Apophysis. You have directly or indirectly inspired every flame fractalist with your innovative art.
Thank you, Michael Faber"

SuicideBySafetyPin says "when i first stated using apo 4 years ago i was totally obsessed right off the rip...i poured over tutorials and galleries
searching for clues and scripts and the ever exciting plugins....even then, just starting out, i could tell right away that Peter's gallery was something special....
the chat room got started up (#aposhack [link] ) and i spent all my time in there talking with the few people that were there at the time....learning new things
and really enjoying the whole experience of getting to know the fractal community and the wonderful program Apophysis....then one day in chat , up pops
this name ~Zueuk OMG! i couldn't think, couldn't type...i was frozen.......i had no clue what to say....i finally got the nerve to say hi! and he hung out and talked
with us and then out came some parameters! it was awesome! Peter is a great guy! tho personally i think he plays too many video games and he should
come back to apo where he belongs  i know he is probably soaking up the sun on some sandy beach right now.....
Peter, you are my hero and a fractal legend! i adore your fractals and your conversation in the chat!
This Inspiration Station is from the fractal community to YOU!!!!!! you have been Fractal Flash Mobbed........"

Cataclysm by ZueukCount Fractula by ZueukHappy Yellow Alien by ZueukOverlord by ZueukSub-Zero by Zueuk:shakeisland: by Zueuk
o_O by ZueukCrystal Castles by ZueukTwo Elements by ZueukField of Depth by ZueukDragonheart II by Zueuk
Melt the Ice by ZueukBlooming by Zueuk3D Hyperbolic tiling plugins by ZueukSeven Three Dee by ZueukFusion Anomaly by Zueuk

Crystal Castles by Zueuk

:icons31415:  s31415

FarDareisMai  says  "What can I say about s31415 that hasn't already been said? He wrote some of the most useful, unique formulas in the
UF database, and he has a personal artistic style and philosophy that is consistent without ever being boring. He's one of my earliest personal inspirations.
In my opinion, his blog is required reading for every serious fractal artist >>
Not only that, but his site has many images on it which are not on deviantArt."

esintu   says "I cannot stress how much this current featuree has been a source of awe and inspiration to me. Not only that, but he's the
author of the formula and colouring algorithm families i've used in at least a third of my UF fractals, in textures if nothing else. He also has a great website
that contains his blog which is, imho, essential for all fractal artists to keep an eye on. So before I go full-on fangirl on you, let me pull out some of my
all-time favorites from his gallery for your enjoyment."

fractek says "This week we focus on the the artwork of Sam Monnier...  who's produced not only great formulas for us to use, but also
stunning work!! I'm a great fan of his!"

IDeviant says "I recall, on first coming across Samuel Monnier's work, being struck by its singularity. To this day, that impression remains: here is an
artist with strong mathematical and computing skills and a very particular vision of how he wants to create art. Sam's unique method of "pattern piling" results
in diffuse, enigmatic, layered abstracts whose details are always now open to deeper exploration via a linked zoomable version - my only complaint is that I want
to zoom further! His blog is also a must-subscribe for those interested in the cutting edge of fractal pattern-related science and nature."

20080422 by s3141520090311 by s3141520090601 by s3141520040411 by s3141520090822-1 by s31415
20100712-1 by s3141520090816-1 by s3141520090715-1 by s3141520080808 by s3141520081031 by s31415
20110415-1 by s3141520110510-1 by s3141520101011-1 by s3141520110801-1 by s3141520090728-1 by s31415

20111031-1 by s31415

:iconaexion:  Aexion

lindelokse says Here it comes another Tuesday and another flash mob feature!!! I'm glad to see the star for this week is Aexion, the creator
of Incendia >>
It's a nice chance for me to show you not only some very different and uncommon fractals, but also some of the most architectural ones I've ever seen!
I don't know much about the fractal hermit but uh oh, I found a picture of him.

milleniumsentry says "Aexion is best known for his unique 3d fractals, and for creating the 3d fractal software known as Incendia.
I especially enjoy his fractal architecture, and his gallery has some stunning examples of it."

Xyrus-02 says "This week's inspiration station feature is dedicated to *Aexion who is the developer of the software Incendia.
His gallery is full of stunning examples of what this software can create so just browse through."

Summer Memories by AexionDreaming Again by AexionPolarized Julia by AexionThe Dark Fractal by AexionGolden Creature by Aexion
Mundus by AexionDark City by AexionSummer by AexionFlare by AexionGolden City by Aexion
Horned Shell by AexionThe Fractal Temple of New Age by AexionThe Spiral Canyon by AexionLabyrinthine Fractal World by AexionPharaoh Necklace by Aexion

Super Space Opera by Aexion


:bulletred: Stay posted for more News, with amazing Artists from Fractal Art gallery!!!
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SuicideBySafetyPin Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome! thank you so much! it looks great up there!!!!!
Fiery-Fire Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is what I would like to continue doing, sort of monthly wrap-up :eyes:
I'm glad you like it :D :hug:ss
krigl Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011
That's a good idea...hope people 'like' it :)
The placing of Zueuk's photos with the three 'facial' fractals is pure genius. He looks like he's disguising himself as one of his works :D
esintu Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great to see them all together :D
Fiery-Fire Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes I think so too :nod: all great minds in one place :eyes:
Wi6791lly Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
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Wi6791lly Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
anytime :D
lyc Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
programmers :meditate:
Fiery-Fire Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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